Automatic Garage Door

Are you looking for an Automatic Garage Door Opener / Closer? Brisbane Roller Doors has what you need.

If your existing Automatic Garage Door needs repairs or a replacement call us today (07) 3142 3250 to book an appointment with a dedicated & knowledge technician.

Have an existing garage door & want an Automatic Garage Door? Did you know we can motorize your existing garage door?

With a few helpful details about your existing garage door over the phone we can identify what type of Automatic Garage Door Opener / Closer you need to turn your manually lifted garage door into an Automatic Garage Door. – Why not call us today its not as expensive as you think.

Head to our Automatic Garage Door Opener / Closer page for more information on products and pricing (here)

Do you have an internet connection at home? Do you own a smart phone?

Think about it..

You want to install a new automatic garage door, Yes? Your new Merlin automatic opener includes 2 handheld remotes, but what about your Son/Daughter? Mother/Father? Husband/Wife? Housemates?

So, with the cost of the install you add a couple more remote controls, but than 1 gets lost or damaged so you need to buy replacements, this could get costly.


  • The In laws arrive early and your stuck in traffic! so they sit in the car waiting.. Are they happy when you finally get home?


  • Can’t remember if you closed the garage door?


  • Why give the cleaners a key to your house? Why not open your garage door when they arrive?
The possibilities are endless! Power your existing garage door with Merlin MYQ

Did you know we can install an Automatic Garage Door Opener to your existing Garage Doors?