Should i repair or replace my garage door?

Garage Door Replacement vs Repair – How do I know what to do & whether I’m being ripped off?


When your garage door is not operational to its full potential and causing you grief its time to decide if a repair or replacement is on the cards. But how do you know what is best? BRD can offer you sound, solid opinions to help you make the best choice.

Sometimes garage doors (Depending on which type) can be repaired quite easily, sometimes not so easily and other times not at all.

When you have impact damage for example, we can panel beat a Roller Door back into acceptable shape & operation. This type of repair may suffice some customers & be a cheaper option than a replacement.

When you have impact damage to a Panel Door, this generally cannot be repaired & replacements are required. Sometimes we can replace just the damaged panels, but other times we & you will require a completely new door.

Why you ask? Every so often the manufactures change the internal clip system that holds the panels together to form 1 complete door, this means we can no longer gain access to the older internal clips.

The other factor we consider is the age of the door, garage doors are subject to sun fading & damage so to replace 1 or 2 panels on a complete panel door is not viable as this will not be a good visual look from your front facade.

We strongly recommend you have a chat to our friendly staff who can book you in for a technician on site advice.

But my garage door still works!

Longevity repairs is what we are all about. Our team can assist with short term repairs / fixes however we strongly believe in doing what is best for our customers for long terms use & security.

Why spend hard earned money today only to repair the same thing again in a short time frame?

Regular Maintenance Really does work!

By having a reputable technician perform annual maintenance to your garage door will prevent costly faults & provide a long-term security solution for your vehicle, belongings & home.

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