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Brisbane Roller Doors is Brisbane’s most trusted commercial roller door company. All products supplied and installed by BRD are quality, strong and durable enough for continual & daily heavy-duty usage. We offer a high standard or workmanship & product knowledge making us the right choice for all your commercial roller door needs.

With the right maintenance, & advice your commercial roller door will always perform at its best giving your business reliability and durability along with peace of mind knowing your interruptions will be minimal.

Every installation of a commercial roller door or commercial automatic opener by Brisbane Roller Doors ensures that you stay safe & compliant to Australian standards. Don’t put yourself or your employees at risk by using non-compliant products or a non-qualified company. Always trust Brisbane’s leading company | Brisbane Roller Doors.

All products offered by Brisbane Roller Doors are customized to suit each individual application, meaning that whatever the conditions or frequency of use, we’re able to provide products to suit all commercial roller doors, & Roller Shutters

Brisbane Roller Doors cater to all door types in the industrial, commercial & residential markets.

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Commercial Roller Door Repairs Brisbane

Commercial Roller Door Preventative Maintenance Brisbane


Speak to our friendly staff about how our preventative maintenance servicing works. Don’t settle for ‘cheap’ annual servicing. Understand & Respect your commercial roller door, why risk the security and safety of your business?

We offer:

  • 3 levels of servicing
  • High quality servicing
  • Trusted workmanship trusted by many businesses across Brisbane
  • Written Reports & Detailed checklists
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When was the last time your Commercial Roller Door was serviced?

We service our cars, our home appliances etc so why don’t we service our Commercial Roller Doors? Did you know your roller doors requires an annual service? Regular annual servicing will increase its life span and reduce overall costs and downtime. Annual servicing isn’t expensive and can prevent emergency after hours call out fees when your roller door won’t close. Why risk it?

The Benefits of Regular Service & Maintenance:

  • Minimizing costly & inconvenient breakdowns, which impact on business operation & compromise security
  • Safe working conditions for all employees, tenants, site visitors etc
  • Prevention of serious problems by identifying worn parts before problems occur
  • Improved door operation
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Noise reduction
  • Easier opening either manually or automatically
  • Less stain on you automatic opener or manual chain parts

Brisbane Roller Doors Specializes in the service, maintenance & repairs of all Industrial & Commercial Roller Doors & Roller Shutter Manual & Motorized