Have you heard a bang or a twang noise in your garage, and your door is refusing to open?

Unfortunately, that could mean your torsion springs – which take the weight of the door – have snapped and need replacing.  

If you’re in this situation, it’s imperative that you call in a qualified professional, like the technicians at Brisbane Roller Doors, to safely carry out your garage door spring replacement.  

We offer helpful advice over the phone, upfront transparent pricing, same day repairs and all repairs come with a complimentary garage door service.   

Today we use our garage door more than we use our front doors. Reach out to Brisbane Roller Doors to get your broken door spring replaced quickly. 

broken torsion spring

Torsion springs are only designed to operate on for approx. 20,000 – 30,000 cycles. These are a highly wound steel spring that once the cycle life has been reach, they snap. 

4 Signs Your Garage Door Spring Is Broken

Quite often when garage doors remain closed but you can still hear the motor turning, it’s because the torsion springs have had it!

  • Bouncing – Does your garage door bounce?
  • Jamming – Is your garage door jamming?
  • Sticking – Does your garage door appear to stick in certain places?
  • Noisy – If your garage door is noisy this means it’s not working at its full potential.

Why do Garage Door Springs Break? 

  • You have not had your door serviced regularly, meaning your springs have been under pressure.
  • They’ve been made from poor quality material, or aren’t manufactured well.
  • Age & weather conditions have deteriorated the materials used to make garage torsion springs. 
  • They’re at the end of their life cycle.



Garage door spring replacement is a dangerous procedure that must be done by a highly trained technician. Garage door springs are wound with high tension and can cause costly damage to your home and garage door, as well as serious injury to yourself or anyone else around. 


If you use your automatic opener to open your garage door while you have broken springs; it will put unnecessary strain on your electric opener and may potentially burn out the internal motor costing you more money to replace / repair.

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Did You Know?

Spring size matters!

Fitting the correct sized garage door springs is imperative to the balancing & operating your garage door correctly. 

Incorrect sized springs can limit the lifespan of your garage door & automatic opener. 

Received a cheaper price?

Are they for the correct sized springs?

DON’T FALL FOR GIMMICKS! Some smaller backyard operators will promise you the world & deliver longer wait times and poorly made products.

We hear about it every day. 

Why Choose Brisbane Roller Doors?

Australian made quality springs

We only use Australian made quality springs, rated for approximately 20,000 cycles. 

Match quotes

We will match any written quote. 

Complimentary service

All repairs come with a complimentary garage door service (valued at $150).

Same day repair

Same day repair available providing peace of mind. 

Meticulous workmanship

We are meticulous with our workmanship and attention to detail. We won’t leave a job site until it’s perfect!

7-year warranty

We offer a full 7-year warranty on motors and electrical 


How Much Does It Cost To Have Torsion Springs Replaced?

Cost is dependent on a range of factors, such as the size of the springs, the size and weight of the door and the number of panels (if any) in the door. We are very upfront about our costs and will provide a reliable estimate every time.

How Do I Book In For A Garage Door Spring Replacement?

It’s so easy! You can book online, or call our team today.

Do you need a Garage Door Spring Replacement ASAP?

At Brisbane Roller Doors, we guarantee the cheapest price for quality products! 

To have your garage door spring replaced within 0 – 48 hours.